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Gandalf Street magic

TweetI never laughed so hard on a LOTR joke [source]

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Yif Magic

Tweetthis Taiwanese magician can spawn bread, skip the boring intro til 3 minutes

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The REAL Magic wand

TweetMagic fans, and Harry Potter fans will love this This Kymera Magic Wand is basically a TV remote control   operates with a G-sensor (i think) and with certain gestures it can do several actions. the wand works on multiple

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The magic of Truth and Lies

TweetI came across this amazing TED talks video, and i don’t know what catagory to put it in, it has magic tricks, a nice show of technology and it also deals with a real Subject of truth and lies in

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Awesome Card Trick

TweetAnother mind-twisting trick from Penn & Teller’s Fool Us

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Japanese Magician walks through a table

Tweetcool idea.

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