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Batman Stuff

Tweetbecause I’m a fan of Batman and my friends are fans of the Dark Knight, I get many videos sent to me, today I’ll share two with you.   1) Batman vs DarthVader: this is a live action, fan-made short

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Gangnam Style, Metal version

Tweet  first this GIF   that’s not too bad, but this guy has made better Metal Covers. so here’s another one that I found, its heavy metal.   Hmmm, maybe not everything can be in Metal after all :<

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Worst Music video ever – the king that never was

Tweetplease notice that this is the “OFFICIAL VIDEO” of ALTERNATE REALITY i like metal, but this is utter crap, also full of  nerds… at least “Friday” had something going for it.  

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Russian Bike Band

TweetI’ve always wanted to buy a bike, but this video made me want to start a band too!   My dream has been upgraded, so who’s in ? note: i will drive 😀

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Funny remixes

TweetThis video is a bunch of Guys trying to look badass dancing to industrial music (The original) this is a Remix “Madonna – Vogue” LOL and of course, Nyan Cat Remix, i couldn’t Embed this so watch it [Here]

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Know Your Metal: InfoGraphic


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