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TweetReposted from: Q8Geeks If you like Minecraft, know someone who likes Minecraft, then this is for you! Lan Party is simply a network available for you to bring your computer and play a specific video game or whichever video game. In

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Minecraft: Story Mode Trailer

Tweetthis last Minecon (annual Minecraft convention) Telltale Games revealed the trailer for their new Minecraft game, this is a game separate from Mojang’s Minecraft, but is made in collaboration with them as a spin off the main series, Mojang teased

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How to Pick the Perfect Video game

Tweetor simply play “The Last of us” – Click Image for Full Size-  

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WesterosCraft – a game of blocks

TweetI love minecraft. and I like Game of thrones, I think Greak will love this too.   I found this video of  a group of game of thrones fans who are building Westeros. it took about 100 players and over 3,000

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Minecraft Gangnam Style

Tweetthis time its better than the last one [Here]       Epic Animation but I didn’t like the vocals to be honest.

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Gangnam Style in Minecraft

Tweetfor about two months I’ve been obsessed with Minecraft and Gangnam style is also popular online, so it was logical that someone would make a video of both.     thanks to Yahya for the video

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