Ubuntu for Phones


Ubuntu is known mostly as the Linux based OS for computers, but news surfaced on Christmas about an Ubuntu mobile OS, just like samsung’s TIZEN, this OS will compete with Android and iOS devices, personally I used Ubuntu for about a two years on the desktop and the new OS for computers is good, as well as the mobile version is very exciting, I can’t wait to try phones with the new systems, like:

  • Windows 8
  • TiZen (by Samsung/Intel)
  • Ubuntu Mobile
  • maybe even BlackBerry 10

Check out this Post I made on TIZEN a while ago, it seems that its official if you check online they are planning to release it some time this year.

PS: I still love Google Android though :P

Quad-Core processor for mobile phones


This is getting ridiculous.Nvidia gonna release this processor this year.
Does this mean by end of 2012, smart phones will run Uncharted 3 ? And by 2013 they’ll have jetpacks ? does this threaten the videogame consoles ? Smart phones & Tablets are getting updated on hardware and software on annual basis. On the other hand, consoles like ps3/xbox360 only get software updates which don’t do much in terms of graphics.

The console lifespan is like what ? 5-6 years ? The smart phones/tablets are getting more powerful every quarter of a year . Imagine a company like Blizzard releasing an MMO on the mobile market ?

Do you think the gaming community is shifting towards the mobile market more than the console ?

Windows Phone 7 Release

Windows phone 7 is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft and promised to be the third Party next the recent mobile operating systems Apple iOS and Google Android. As for the release, Microsoft is planning for releasing the Windows phone 7 in October 11 at the Open House event in New York. The system have Netflix and twitter special applications. the bad new is that it’ll support only GSM for the time being, many major telecoms companies refused to have the operating system because it’s not yet completed.

So, windows phone 7 to the next year :(

See new pics for the applications here.

by Cnet