Berserk: The Golden Age Arc 2 – The Battle for Doldrey: Review

I’ve just watched the 2nd part of 3 of the Berserk Golden Age Arc story. The 3rd movie will be released in Feb.


So, thus movie was better than the 1st. It was longer, though it felt short. The story in the manga is detailed and took time to grow. Here everything happens fast for the sake of saving time. That’s the huge down side of making a movie based on a long running manga. This movie is packed with action. Really loved the animation, slick and smooth. Specially, the fighting scenes looked awesome. The thing I didn’t like is the 3D CGI, like the 1st movie it was misplaced, dorky. The characters move awkwardly. I loved the soundtrack, there was one war scene with soothing track, brilliant.
+slick animation
+brutal, bloody
-plot details were missing


Looper: review

Looper is one of those movies that come once every 2-3 years (if not more) the concept of time traveling and changing your past to alter your future was done numerous times. Some movies succeeded (terminator, primer) others not so much.
Looper was an instant classic for me. I loved everything about the movie. The performance of the cast was compelling, the tone of the movie stands out as a powerful contemporary sci-fi.


There were some draggy moments here and there, some cold ones to be precise. All in all it was a great movie. The twists were done superbly, the action scenes are fast, and catchy. There were moments where I went “Ohh Snaaap”

To conclude, Looper is by far one of the best sci-fi movies ever. My favorite movie of this year after TDKR.

+awesome action, direction
+strong performance by the cast

-cold moments


The Raid Redemption: Review

For the last 10 years Hollywood Martial-Arts movies were practically none-existence, And for the last 10 years Asian Martial-Arts movies were thriving. Movies like ChocolateRaging PhoenixIp Man1-2, and most of Tony Jaa movies. What I like about those Asian movies is: the fights look real, and actors get involved A LOT in the stunts they do. Reminds me of the glorious days of Jackie Chan.

So, The movie is straight forward. A swat team Raids a complex building to take down a drug-lord. On the other hand, the fight sequence are brutal, bloody, and very very violent. acting, directing, soundtrack, and plot, are not an issue here – as long as they are decent, and they were – It’s amazing that this movie was made with only $1.1 Million. By the effort on the production and the budget they had, they did an excellent job.

If you like Martial-Arts/Action movies, you need to see this one. Simply one of the best in the genre.


Huge Movie Montage

    This guy created an epic, and amazing montage of movies as a tribute for “The Glitch Mob” (the remixes of the songs in the video are all theirs).
    All I can say for sure is, this guy can edit! I suggest watching it in 720p and full screen. I managed to recognize a lot of the movies but not 100%. I love the little scene at the end from Scott Pilgrim, easy to miss. Warning: Only slightly NSFW.