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“Hell No” movie trailer

Tweetthis horror movie is awesome okay the trailer is fictitious but its still awesome

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IBM created the smallest movie ever

Tweetthis movie is literally made by dancing atoms,     what have you been up to lately?

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Batman: Dead End

TweetThis short movie was released in ComicCon 2003, old yes. Watch the movie and be astonished, in a weird way

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Berserk: The Golden Age Arc 2 – The Battle for Doldrey: Review

TweetI’ve just watched the 2nd part of 3 of the Berserk Golden Age Arc story. The 3rd movie will be released in Feb. So, thus movie was better than the 1st. It was longer, though it felt short. The story

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Looper: review

TweetLooper is one of those movies that come once every 2-3 years (if not more) the concept of time traveling and changing your past to alter your future was done numerous times. Some movies succeeded (terminator, primer) others not so

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Cartoonish movie posters



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Flying Swords of Dragon Gate: Trailer

Tweetcrazy looking martial arts

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Justice League: Fan-Made trailer

TweetI hope Christopher Nolan, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. watched this

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Chuck Norris – The Movie

TweetChuck Norris is Chuck Norris in Chuck Norris

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The Raid Redemption: Review

TweetFor the last 10 years Hollywood Martial-Arts movies were practically none-existence, And for the last 10 years Asian Martial-Arts movies were thriving. Movies like Chocolate, Raging Phoenix, Ip Man1-2, and most of Tony Jaa movies. What I like about those Asian movies is: the fights

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Alfred Hitchcock’s movie posters by Nintendo

TweetPretty awesome designs

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One Bullet, Two Kills

TweetFrom A Filipino Western called San Basilio

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ABC’s of Cinema

Tweetvery clever, innovative video. Brilliant  

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Where is Waldo? …. the Movie

Tweet all of us were part of this orgnization at some point of our life 😛

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Huge Movie Montage

Tweet This guy created an epic, and amazing montage of movies as a tribute for “The Glitch Mob” (the remixes of the songs in the video are all theirs). All I can say for sure is, this guy can edit!

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MY LITTLE PONY: Live-Action Trailer

Tweet i wish they make a movie like that, for real 😛

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Predator realistic ending ;p

Tweet This is how the movie would have went down in real life

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