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Recreating famous logos

TweetArtist Seb Lester uses a free hand technique to write famous logos, from Star Wars to Google.     Amazing skills.

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2012 Movie Trailer Mashup

Tweet2012 was an amazing year for movies. There were a lot of awesome movies. This trailer is a montage of the movies in 2012 for the full list of the movies used in the video click here

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Top 10 Best Movie Sequels

TweetI agree with most of the list only number shouldn’t event be in the list. So overacted.

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The Last Stand: trailer

TweetArnie is back, i’m really excited to see him back to the big screen specially with Jee-woon Kim Hollywood debut

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Infographic – Everything Batman


Tweetthis is 70 years worth of batman stuff, click image for full size. Source: Blameitonthevoices

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Christopher Nolan’s James Bond: fan-made Trailer

TweetAnother awesome fan-made trailer. Michael Fassbender as Bond in an origin story by Christopher Nolan

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EPIC: Trailer

TweetIt will be released May next year :-\  

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Taken 2: Trailer

Tweetlooks awesome as usual. It will be released this Oct. BTW Liam Neeson just turned 60

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Paramount Picture

TweetTo celebrate its 100th birthday, Paramount Pictures assembled 116 of the greatest talents ever to work at the studio. I’m such a nerd I know all of them :’) Unfortunately, There’s one guy who doesn’t fit 😛 to see the

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Tim Burton: A Filmography

Tweeta brilliant CGI montage dedicated to one of the best directors Tim Burton Tim Burton – a filmography from Martin Woutisseth on Vimeo.

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Famous stars with their 1st movie roles

TweetKeep watching till the end 😛

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Famous Movie Cars


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Lego: Movie Scenes

TweetVery unique work to mash Lego with famous movie scenes, Enjoy

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50 movies of 2010 spoilers

Tweetif your too lazy to watch all those movies here’s what happens in them in 3 minutes

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Kuwait horror movie.

Tweet Here is a local thriller/horror short film. It was made by a bunch of Kuwaiti students here. They filmed it a few months ago and below it is part 2 which was just released. Enjoy and comment with your

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Un prophète: Review

Tweet I had my eye on this movie for a while, I wasn’t enthusiastic about it. I don’t like Oscar/Cannes winning movies. I don’t get them at all. Most of those movies are dull, dorky, slow, boring, very depressing and

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