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Game Shop – “Thrift Shop” parody

TweetThrift shop is a song going popular recently by the independent artist Macklamore (and Ryan Lewis), It’s a great track part of their album “The Heist”, I bought this album last January and I would like to support them for the great music.

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iPad Mini Commercial, sort of

Tweetthis is the best commercial ever, thx Jimmy

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Gangnam Style in Minecraft

Tweetfor about two months I’ve been obsessed with Minecraft and Gangnam style is also popular online, so it was logical that someone would make a video of both.     thanks to Yahya for the video

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iPhone 5 Parody by JacksFilms

TweetI really enjoy bothering iPhone/Apple Fanboys and girls, but I’m not alone; since the new iPhone 5 was announced, the Internet just blew up with all kinds of jokes and parodies on how much fail the iPhone5 is, seriously even

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New Gotye Song ^-^

TweetGotye’s “Sombedy that i used to know” is an awesome song someone decided it should be “Kicked your monkey” watch this: just in case you don’t know it, here‘s the original Source [BlameItOnTheVoices]

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Special song “My Heart will go wr(on)g”

TweetThis epic fail = epic lols have Good day, LOL

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Thor Parody

TweetI can’t wait to go and see Thor, so instead i was watching stuff related to it and i found this so someone made a parody of usher’s song “more” into a video clip of the movie Thor.. ‘_’

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Yes! another Musical..

Tweetjust liike the two older posts of Arnold Schwarzenegger Musicals, a new one just showed up, this time its Commando.. for the two older ones, here are the links: Terminator Conan the Barbarian Enjoy :p

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TweetLOL, this is kinda funny.

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Koopa’s Hell

TweetWhat happens to those poor koopas you leave bouncing in Mario? College Humor weighs in. This is one of their best videos yet!

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