Lurkerz Break – Flash Games

I’d like to Thank HisHers blog for all the love

and reminding me that we havent had a flash game post since ever :p

so here are some games for this friday,

1- “Where’s 2012″ :

- Click Image to play Game -

its a basic light-hearted  platformer game, it takes five minutes to play through and its delightful and Christmas-y.


2- Nuke Trouble :

- Click image to play game -

this game features “Kim Jong Il” looking at things,

mainly you have to look at Nukes to blow them up

and protect the ground, it gets intense after a while

and you can make tons of combos.

add to that the cool 8-bit art and dictator music, so cute :P


3 – Billy Bob Bash : 

- Click image to play this Game -

this is a typical, “flying object” kind of flash game,

basically you make Billy bob fly as far as possible,

he hits things that make him go faster or slower,

it has good gameplay and you can buy items and what not.

Billy Bob being a redneck uses beer for fuel, and farts for boost.

LOL, just look at his face XD