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How to Pick the Perfect Video game

Tweetor simply play “The Last of us” – Click Image for Full Size-  

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Portal: Terminal Velocity (if it was in real life)

TweetFrom [BitsAndPieces] Filmmaker Jason Craft uses his amazing special effects skills and imagines how a Portal gun would look like in real life and what he would do with it if he had one.   This looks very realistic. I loved it.

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Mari0 (AKA Mario Portal)

Tweetso back in last September i posted about this game, now its finished and Available for Download I’m so happy i found out its available that i decided to post without even playing, Kthnxbye

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This Kid has a room decorated as Portal

TweetAwesome parents, luck Kid i wish my parents decorated my room as Mario when i was a kid

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Super Mario Brothers, Portal Edition

Tweetfor real you guys, remember the video from Dorkly [LINK] ? well someone is working on a version of the ACTUAL GAME with WORKING PORTALS! I’m So excited, for more info go to Stab yourself Original Post by ToplessRobot  

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Portal: short movie


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Megaman and a Portal Gun

TweetRemember the videos of Zelda game and Mario had Portal guns? So even Megaman got better with Portal Gun, i say we add portals to EVERYTHING!

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Portal Gund Rap [NSFW]

TweetThis is true for any Portal Fan except for the changing pants and part after it

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Legend of Zelda with a portal gun

TweetI want one -.-

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Awesome Street Art of Portal

Tweetthis game gives inspiration to everyone, this is some great art

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Short & Sweet EDIT: 2 videos added.

TweetHow an action scene should be like, some directors these days could take a hint or two. This is awesome because Portal is awesome: One more (all three are by the same guy, obviously):

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