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McDonalds drive thru disappearing food prank

Tweetthis guy makes McDonald’s McChicken disappear. (the girl in the last segment at 2:03 mark killed me with her reactions x’D) I mean I know how to make it disappear too but not like that, you know what I mean

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Drive thru prank

Tweetthis is an epic rank   [Link]  also the other videos made by this guy are good.

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So Real it’s Scary

TweetLG is doing a sweet prank commercial for their new IPS monitors.   

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WTF Prank

Tweetfirst I was -.- and then I was O__O

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The Poltergeist Prank – Rahat Magic

Tweetthis guy pranks his friend for 6 nights with ghosts stuff, kind of like “Paranormal Activity” its a real Cool Prank and his friend took it well in the end.

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Epic Drive through prank

Tweetcool trick to confuse the people i lol’d at the first part more XD

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Nice Prank

Tweetthey wired the Break Lights to the car horn the result was LOLS

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Video of the Week

Tweet  This is AWESOME! that’s all i can say

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Spaghetti Harvesting

Tweet an April’s fool that was shown on TV in 1957 by BBC

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