Lurkerz Break – Flash Games

This Friday is Very special; I have many Cool Games today,

first off we start with “Prince of Balls” which sounds hilarious.

but the game is really awesome, and its available on iPhone and Android.

its really simple, just click around to jump and collect coins and stars and stuff.

- Click Image to play Game -

the Second Game is Facuum, its a very special maze game,

its played by going deeper inwards.

press “F” for full screen

- Click Image to play game -

and last but not least is Gravity Duck,

a platform game where you have control on the direction of gravity,

very challenging game.

- click image to play game -


Bonus Entry: Nightmare Runner

- Click Image to play game -

this game was sent in by the designer himself, its a decent game,

and the purpose of it is to run and get as high a score as possible,

i got 18, 000+ on the second run, let’s see if you can pass 100,000.



and if you have any suggestions for games to feature next friday, don’t hesitate to mention it :)