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Dust: an Elysian Tail – PC game

Tweet I started playing this game just this weekend, and its one of the hidden gems I had purchased a long time ago from HumbleBundle, it resembles a Castlevania/Metroid style 2D platform adventure game with basic RPG elements, character and

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The Last of Us PAX 2012 Gameplay Walkthrough

TweetThe new trailer was just released in Penny Arcade Expo “PAX” looks brilliant. For me Naughty Dog & RockSteady are my favorite studios this generation. still there’s no official release date for the game. People say it’ll be released mid

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“Michael” PS3 Long Live Play

TweetWoooooW I’m really impressed

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TweetA guy put the two consoles in one PC case to make more room for his shelf, amazing job. Also, he can run them simultaneously.

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Catherine : PS3 Demo

Tweet I just played the demo of this weird game “Catherine” It’s very original game in terms of themes, gameplay, presentation, puzzles and story. I noticed the character you control looks like Spike Spiegel the protagonist in the famous anime Cowboy Bebop.

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ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD

Tweetthe games are awesome, and i will surely buy them when they come out in September , anwyway here are the new HD Trailers released, first is ICO in HD: and then Shadow of the Colossus: i recommend watching the videos

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Amazing offer for PS3

TweetWell played Electrozan, well played

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PES vs. FIFA: Demo Comparison

Tweeti have recently completed downloading both Demos of FIFA11 and PES 2011, FIFA is regarded as the best football game on the planet. Based on the sales (10Million copies) and the ratings/reviews. PES from the beginning of this generation didn’t do

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PS3 JailBreak

Tweet It’s official now you can play hacked games on your ps3. You can download them on an external hard drive and connect the hard drive to your PS3 via USB. The JailBreak ModChip is just a USB FlashDrive. I never thought

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inFAMOUS 2: gameplay video

Tweetlooks good, digg the new moves.

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Pro Elite: PS3 Controller

Tweet This looks very comfy and slick with those glowing buttons, and repositioned analog sticks.This wireless controller costs $49.99 USD and features SIXAXIS functionality, custom designed L2 and R2 buttons, dual rumble motors and LED player channel indicator lights around

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Mafia II “Kick In The Head” trailer

TweetThis game is going to be epic. I have been waiting for it for so long. It’s basically like GTA, but better. And with a really good story. Note: The trailer will play in 720p so just change it to

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TRON Controllers

TweetTRON Legacy is coming the end of the year. Disney are doing a hell of a marketing campaign. There’s gonna launch TRON controllers for PS3, Xbox360,and  WiiMote each will cost 50$. Keyboard and a Mouse for your PC.

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Ni no Kuni : another world

TweetLevel 5 Studios (White Knight Chronicles) are collaborated with the famous Studio Ghibli (Mirai no Shounen “3dnan wa lina”, Spirited Away And Mononke Hime) to do a PS3 RPG game called “Ni no Kuni: another world”. I’m not an RPG

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Metal Gear Solid: Rising (edit: video works again)

TweetNote: Here’s a website that posts all the news from E3, in one organized place. You can thank daddy later. This is the E3 debut trailer! Looks amazing! Watch the ending. This better be worth the wait.

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Kung Fu Live: Trailer

TweetA ton of games are being announced for E-3. Kung Fu Live caught my attention. I remembered the 1st Mortal Kombat from this trailer.

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3-D Gaming is coming tomorrow

TweetThe new PS3 firmware update will unable the stereoscopic feature, 3-D. All PlayStation 3 systems are already equipped with everything they need to play stereoscopic 3D games. The PS3 system is the only console on the market that can support

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