PES vs. FIFA: Demo Comparison

i have recently completed downloading both Demos of FIFA11 and PES 2011, FIFA is regarded as the best football game on the planet. Based on the sales (10Million copies) and the ratings/reviews. PES from the beginning of this generation didn’t do much, because they didn’t change the engine and so they couldn’t evolve into the next gen-consoles.

FIFA 11 is the same as FIFA World Cup video game; :\ They didn’t make any major changes. Only some tweaks here and there. It suffers from the same flaws as past games: for example the free kick is 100% GOAL (any amateur can score), the Goalkeeper is as stupid as ever. FIFA development team felt satisfied about what they did in the past, and so they should. They made a strong base for the game and started building on it. The result is a solid game. Now they have reached a dead end; based on the demo that is. They are trying to add some features like a Personality for the players, and “Be A Goalkeeper” Mode which is good. They have a very solid game and adding bits and pieces to the formula would only make it better over time.

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PS3 JailBreak

It’s official now you can play hacked games on your ps3. You can download them on an external hard drive and connect the hard drive to your PS3 via USB. The JailBreak ModChip is just a USB FlashDrive. I never thought it was this easy Considering the time the hackers invested in breaking down Sony’s black box. The JailBreak ModChip costs around KD50.

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Pro Elite: PS3 Controller

This looks very comfy and slick with those glowing buttons, and repositioned analog sticks.This wireless controller costs $49.99 USD and features SIXAXIS functionality, custom designed L2 and R2 buttons, dual rumble motors and LED player channel indicator lights around the “Home” button. The Pro EX Controller has the same feel and features as the Pro Elite Wireless model, but is a wired format without SIXAXIS functionality. The Pro EX version is $19.99.

This is highly recommended for Shooters and Action games. Video

Ni no Kuni : another world

Level 5 Studios (White Knight Chronicles) are collaborated with the famous Studio Ghibli (Mirai no Shounen “3dnan wa lina”, Spirited Away And Mononke Hime) to do a PS3 RPG game called “Ni no Kuni: another world”. I’m not an RPG fan but i am a Ghibli fan. The cell shaded graphics are very colorful and smooth, it feels like playing an anime movie/videogame.