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Tweetrandom 5 second video LOL

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GIF random video

Tweet  this is why I love the Internet, when something is made in low quality, but is also very funny.  

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TweetOMG, I’m Laughing so Hard right now.     These guys are awesome for the following reason: they’re chillin’ at home with shorts on (NOT GAY btw) the whole Hot Weather thing, and the Death scene Drama, was EPIC. the

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Quick and Simple Life Hacks

Tweetvery helpful. Also, checkout part 2

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A Close Call

Tweetاتبط الجبد :\  

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Space Kisser ستارتريك

Tweetafter seeing this video all i can say is that i hate turkish people and i hate Star Trek its rather epic in its randmoness, but still

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you should obey the LAW

TweetYEA! Always

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Random Video is REALLY Random

Tweetthis is the kind of video that makes people go “Where the fuck do you find these videos?” and i always answer with a smile but really i found it from [Here]

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i want to be friends with this guy

Tweeti LOL’d so hard, this guy is retarded yet awesome. and then i realized we have a lot of weird people online :/ note: i used to do that when i was a kid

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I has a bucket!

TweetIt’s been a while since my last post.. BLAME NIGHTSHIFTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ============================ Anyway, I hope you like the picture.

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15 Seconds of Win


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