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Rosa – a Sci-fi Animated Short

Tweetan amazing short by Jesus ollera, can you believe this was made by only one guy ? I want a full length movie of this 🙁

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The Gift – A sci-fi short

Tweeta great animated short, I don’t know what to make of it honestly but it has its cool bits. I loved the security guards the most.

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The most Advanced Terminator Arm

Tweetthis is a really good looking prosthetic arm, I love the possibilities and the sound it makes when it moves.   “this is power grip, for shaking hands, this is for being human”

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Tweet  seriously, is it like a baby terminator or what ?

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GroundBot, A Spherical All-Terrain Surveillance Robot

Tweetthis is GroundBot, its a surveillance Robot with an Amazing Design. It’s like a real life metal gear thing, here are two videos of this Robot. it looks interesting to see it in action. I’m not sure about the applications

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10 minutes of Indian movie Win

Tweetlast october, Eliasoz posted a trailer of this movie called “robot”, someone uploaded the most badass 10 minutes of the movie, i think the rest is all singing and dancing robots, which is not badass 😛   this movie has

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