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The Gift – A sci-fi short

Tweeta great animated short, I don’t know what to make of it honestly but it has its cool bits. I loved the security guards the most.

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Head Bump

Tweet Poor School Student, he/she’s looking down to look away from the cold wind, but then hits their head on the car, and the crowd lols.

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in Russia, they have Epic pillow Battles

Tweetwhen a large group of young russian soldiers have a  pillow fight, its a pillow battle. pretty cool, but this is not Soviet Russia

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Russian Bike Band

TweetI’ve always wanted to buy a bike, but this video made me want to start a band too!   My dream has been upgraded, so who’s in ? note: i will drive 😀

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Crazy Rider is Crazy

Tweethe reminds me of how i rode bikes in GTA… seriously if you own a bike, NEVER do this, too much risk too crazy.

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Heavily Damaged Car in Russia

Tweetit’s GTA, this guy is driving a car in the wore condition possible >_<

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