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HTC One (M9) VS Samsung Galaxy S6

Tweetthis is the on of the most important comparisons of the year, the two flagships have been announced and are on the floor at this years MWC exhibit in Barcelona and the guys at PocketNow made this early hands-on comparison.

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S4 Samsung Style

Tweetthis video is soooo wrong which makes it perfect

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Android 4.1 (Jellybean) for S3 , arrived

TweetJust got the latest update for my Samsung Galaxy s3 Android 4.1(jellybean) It’s rolling out in the gulf as we speak. Expect to have yours shortly  

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Samsung vs. Apple

TweetConan tells the true story

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امبراطورية سامسونغ

Tweetالبرنامج الوثائقي صدمني عن المجالات اللي داشة فيها الشركة

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Samsung is making fun of iPhone

Tweetthey have a point V__V

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