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Sonic the hedgehog fan-made movie

Tweetthis an awesome 20-min movie on the Sega mascot

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Sonic Fans are Sick and Crazy

TweetIntroducing the worst video on Youtube Please read this because it has a deep explanation of why this video is the worst video on youtube Article

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Youtube special: Heavy Metal Everything!

Tweetwhile browsing on you tube over the years, i noticed a trend of making Heavy Metal versions of many different things, so much that its so ridiculous it even got to things that don’t make sense, i will post a link under every video

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Sonic (Official Vs Fan-Made)

Tweethere is Sonic 4, the newest installment of long running sonic the hedgehog Series made by Sega and her is “Sonic Fan Remix” a fan made unauthorized Sonic game made by only 2 hardcore sonic fans (Pelikan 13 and Mercury).

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Let’s take a break of all these posts


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Sonic 4 Gameplay Leaked, looks nice

Tweeti think this is called project NeedleMouse, its old school sonic in 3D, or 2.5D whatever, enjoy the video:

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