Youtube special: Heavy Metal Everything!

while browsing on you tube over the years, i noticed a trend of making Heavy Metal versions of many different things, so much that its so ridiculous it even got to things that don’t make sense, i will post a link under every video for the original version, to decrease the number of videos:

1# Katy Perry: maybe cause she’s hot

[Original ]

and here’s another music video for Kate, with her own voice.


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Sonic (Official Vs Fan-Made)

here is Sonic 4, the newest installment of long running sonic the hedgehog Series made by Sega

and her is “Sonic Fan Remix” a fan made unauthorized Sonic game made by only 2 hardcore sonic fans (Pelikan 13 and Mercury). the game is still in development but you can still see the awesomeness of this unfinished project.

so if anyone is interested to try the demo then go check their site and Download it