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Real Lightsaber Battle, kinda.

Tweetin anticipation to the new Episode of StarWars movie, a duo from a lightsaber battle school did a public show of a Jedi vs Sith lord battle, both are extremely skilled in the art of lightsaber battle and the footage

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May the 4th be with you

Tweethave a happy Star Wars Day, check out this site for some more StarWars puns. [Here]

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Recreating famous logos

TweetArtist Seb Lester uses a free hand technique to write famous logos, from Star Wars to Google.     Amazing skills.

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Epic first person lightsaber fight

Tweetwith Darth Vader Vs Some Jedi by the stuntpeople Dark Side forever \m/  

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Lightsaber class for Jedi

Tweet  this thing really exists 0_0 they teach people how to battle like jedi or sith lords, I love how this is a class where nerds can hangout and enjoy a little bit of a physical activity with something they

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Gangnam Style, Starwars

Tweetthis is the cooolest 11 second video you will see all week, Guaranteed.   my favorite part is when Chewbacca screams

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SubWars, a short film by Sean Soong

TweetThis is an amazing Starwars inspired aninmated short, its about an old man looking for a seat, yet no one is giving him space, so he basically kills everybody on the Subway. with a light saber.   I would love

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The Bark Side

Tweet2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser, very impressive

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the most important thing in Starwars

Tweetyou might wonder what was the key thing in the Starwars movies? you can argue all you want, but this video shows it exactly. and have you noticed women never mentioned it ? XD

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Floppy music

Tweetback in february, i posted a video of a guy that made music out of the floppy drive [Here] this time around, the music is simpler but its more relevant to me, check it out LOL, EPICNESS!!

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how Copyright laws work

Tweetthis is very interesting. but does anyone know how to protect you work? if i make a song or draw picture, how do i get copyright for it ?   on the other hand i learned about the concept of

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Video of the Week

TweetObi Wan Kanobi goes car shopping. WARNING: this video is full of LOLs, and starwars jokes. and wait for the surprise ending.

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AT-AT day afternoon

TweetMephisto your gonna love this. The same guy who did Iron Baby.

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