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ABZU Review

TweetAbzu is a game developed by GiantSquid and published by 505 Game, this a wonderful experience made by the same creators of “Flower” and “Journey” a highly stylized indie game that focuses more on the experience more than anything else.

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Distance – Game Review

Tweet The game Distance is a game developed by Refract Studios and its an arcade racing game with a futuristic look and simple racing feel with cool twists to arcade racers I’ve played so far. the developers describe it best: “Distance

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Strike Vector – first look

Tweetthis is Part 2 of my first look on two Steam indie games. and I am right now considering to buy this game, because so far it looks really good.   Strike Vector is a fast paced fighter jet multiplayer

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Tweet Warframe is an Action 3rd person shooter game, developed by Digital extremes.

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