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Super Mario Super Dance by Nathan J Barnatt

Tweetthis guy is an amazing dancer and he made a Super mario themed dance video that is just a joy to watch, wait for the princess peach part, really great work.  

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FPS Super Mario (With Shotgun)

TweetNow this is a mario game I would play   not this Wii U Bullshit <thanks to the PixelIssue>

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Super Mario Warfare 2

Tweetthis is the second part pf a series that spoofs call of duty, for the first episode click [here] this is still cool.

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Super Mario Warfare

Tweetthis is not bad, I like how cheesy Toad is.   I am not sure when will part 2 be out.

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Life of a Goomba

Tweetthis made me feel bad for killing them so mercilessly.   NOT really 😛  

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Super Mario Beads

Tweetthis is a rather Epic super Mario stop motion video, the Super NES sprites are created perfectly using beads, I LOVE them.     it is very well made, check out behind the scenes [Here]

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Supermario Beads – Stop motion

Tweetthis kind of video is amazing, i love Super mario and the stop motion just makes it look really awesome

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the Super Medley of Super Mario 30th Anniversary

TweetThis is so awesome, both the remixed music and video, i don’t think they missed a single game or song from the Super Mario Franchise. whats your favorite mario game? whats your favorite song?

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Super Mario / Zelda + Seinfeld Mash-up

Tweetthis is amazing stuff i wonder what can they also make out of this, oh wait Oh God!

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Youtube special: Heavy Metal Everything!

Tweetwhile browsing on you tube over the years, i noticed a trend of making Heavy Metal versions of many different things, so much that its so ridiculous it even got to things that don’t make sense, i will post a link under every video

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Im buying kinect, but no xbox360

Tweetwhy? thats why

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Video of the Week

Tweet hey guys this is an interesting video of a mario game, check it out

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Koopa’s Hell

TweetWhat happens to those poor koopas you leave bouncing in Mario? College Humor weighs in. This is one of their best videos yet!

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