The new Superman

Zack Snyder just announced the cast of Man Of Steel, Henry Cavill will play Clark Kent in the new movie which will be released in Dec. 2012.

hmmm Batman is Australian, Spider-man is British, along with the new Superman. Anyway, am sold to anything from Zack, I didn’t see a bad casting in his previous movies ( Watchmen, 300, Dawn of the Dead ) I mean no one knew who Gerard Butler was before 300. What gets me more excited about this is The screenplay is being written by David S. Goyer (he wrote Batman begins and pitched the story of Dark Knight, he also created FlashForward) based on a story by Goyer and Nolan. Also, Nolan is producing the flick.

Superman: Earth One

I’m so ordering this graphic novel.

J. Michael Straczynski’s cinematic comic Superman: Earth One reads like a blockbuster film while rebooting the Man of Steel’s origin story for a 21st century desensitized to supertropes.

It’s a media synchronicity of sorts. The 10th and final season of the Superman teen soap Smallvillepremiered this September. Watchmen director Zack Snyder is rebooting Superman’s origin story for the mallrats, with The Dark Knight’s tech-noir maestro Christopher Nolan as co-producer. The animated feature adaptation of Grant Morrison’s sublime All-Star Superman touches down next winter.

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New Superman Movie

New Berserk project, and now the new Superman movie is on going. Yesterday rumor spread around about who will direct the new Man of Steel movie. Zack Snyder claimed the spot. He personally confirmed the rumor from his Twitter. He previously directed 300, dawn of the dead, watchmen, and the new animated Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole and the movie SuckePunch.

The new Superman project is Produced by Christopher Nolan Who directed highly acclaimed movies like Memento, Batman Begins, Insomnia, Dark Knight, and Inception.

Now it is said that General Zod is the Villain of the new movie.

Superman DOOMSDAY: fan-made trailer

Along with Batman. Superman is my favorite SuperHero. Doomsday is the villain who killed him, once. And a fan-made trailer is on the net about an imaginative movie. I wish it was true. DC is doing crap on the movie business T__T the only good thing they have is Batman – Thank GOD for Christopher Nolan -Heard of  Jonah Hex?? exactly.

Anyway, to bad it’s fan-made. Christopher Nolan is producing the new Superman movie. Tentatively named “Man of Steel” and rumors are spreading about Chris’s brother Jonathan will direct it. Now the Nolan’s are taking helm of those 2 I wish for a Justice League movie.