Ninja Turtles Homage

Tweeta video from 2014 by EpicRival a production unit that specializes in nostalgic martial arts video productions.   this video has been around for a while and I think it deserves more attention because: it has actual martial arts no

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Late night lurks – short videos

TweetYouTube is a treasure of laughs, knowledge and entertainment. I particularly love the short funny videos, here are a couple of those: Spidey Those Turtles (Warning: lower your volume)  

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Lurkerz Break – Flash Games

Tweet  the first game for today is a TMNT game:   I can’t believe this is a flash game, looks like a PSP game to me ūüôā the second game is called City Siege 4 – Alien Siege:   in

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TMNT Intro in Stop Motion

TweetRemember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon? well this is the Stop Motion version of it, Kyle Roberts and his crew used drawn pictures, toys and action figures to remake the Intro sequence frame by frame, even the music was

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short TMNT film called “Fight the foot”

Tweetthis is a fan made short movie, made to look a bit realistic a bit because the teenage mutant ninja turtles have nothing to do with reality, however its an awesome video, you might wanna keep an eye out over

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MR. Fart Hands

Tweetthis guy has one of the most unique ways to make music, check out his version of SuperMario Brothers and here’s TMNT like you never heard it before: this guy has Skills,¬†for more, check out his [youtube¬†channel]

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