The REAL Magic wand

Magic fans, and Harry Potter fans will love this

This Kymera Magic Wand is basically a TV remote control


operates with a G-sensor (i think) and with certain gestures it can do several actions.

the wand works on multiple TV’s DVD players and iPod Docks, basically anything that works by remote control.


you can purchase it [Here] and source [Blameitonthevoices]

Hell on Wheels

After the big success of The Walking Dead. AMC just aired The western action/drama western: Hell on Wheels. The first season has just finished with 7 Episodes. Am on the 4th now.


The series is not that Cowboy-ish. It has more drama in it than gunslinging, but I’m always with a gunslinger seeking vengeance.

Best Manga Reader

I’m surfing the internet to find a good manga reader for LCD TV screen. I found a video about an application called MangaMeeya and It looks good with its page flipping option. I’ll try this instead of CDisplay for a while. you can download the application by clicking here. What do you think? do you think I’m an EMO >_>,, nah just kidding :)