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Weird plant is Weird

Tweetthe following is a repost from ObviousWinner Blog  ..  What in the heck is going on with this plant? It is a mutant? Some kind of creature inside the pod? Maybe there is a mole tugging the roots! Who knows…

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The History of Groundhog Day

TweetHappy jarboo3 day everyone

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Amazing Japanese music video

Tweetthis paper art and stop motion combination is a really unique idea for a music video, honestly no amount of words will do it justice.   I dunno how much paper was put into this, anyway the video is titled

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2012 in Gaming

TweetPretty awesome montage about the videogames in 2012.  

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The Science of Productivity

TweetAnother awesome video from an awesome YouTube channel.

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الأسبوع الجاي دوام

Tweetاخراج حلو فكرة خفيفية تطبيق ممتاز

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The LEGO® Story


Tweetthis a 20 min CGI animated short movie about Lego and how it all began.

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4-seconds pit stop

Tweetمايسوون لنا بنجر لول

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Awesome Flip Dive

TweetI thought it’s a fail video, turns out it’s a win one.

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Domino Soldiers


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8-Year Old College Student

Tweetlike the youTube comment says: I feel so dumb lol

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Pikachu on Acid

Tweeti love pokemon, what i love more though is stupid videos of pikachu but this is really cool, gets weird after about the first minute.   “Cyther”- LOL

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Microsoft Surface Tablet –


Tweet They just announced their new tablet, I like the keyboard / cover.   Click here for specs and features

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Sh*t Samuel L. Jackson Yells

TweetVideo Of the Year, if you’re a pulp fiction fan that is. P.S: Explicit Language

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A man saves a boy after falling

Tweetgive him a medal

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The Horror Porfolio

Tweetsimply, an excellent montage video.

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Granpa Shufflin’

Tweetاحلى شي المتكنسل اللي ورى

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Near Miss


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Eye Candy – Tokyo in Slow Motion

Tweetthis is a video made by a Japanese Artist called Alex Lee   what i like about it is the use of filters and slowmotion and a combination of other things including “tilt-Shift” and it represents the life and people

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Facebook! you’re doing it right


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