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Weird plant is Weird

Tweetthe following is a repost from ObviousWinner Blog  ..  What in the heck is going on with this plant? It is a mutant? Some kind of creature inside the pod? Maybe there is a mole tugging the roots! Who knows…

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living in a pink world

Tweetshe says “I know what I like” obviously she kinda likes it too much 😛    

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You are Very predictable

Tweetcheck this video out and see if you are predictable or not.   this is really awesome.

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this post hurts

TweetThis post will hurt your mind and your limbs, lets see if you can do This… Alright that’s fairly easy, how about this then… okay maybe some of you can do it, but can anyone do THIS… Hahaha, i didn’t

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Teddy bear Couch

TweetI found this while searching “Dali Couch Angelina Jolie” in Google, Amazing couch   Anyway, if you wanna know the relationship between Dali and Angelina jolie: yes, I’m Crazy.   source [ Oddee /Google Search ]

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Airplane Truck Drop

Tweetالوضع عادي عندهم

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NeverWet superhydrophobic spray-on coating

Tweetthis is a really interesting invention well, it never gets wet, like EVER!  

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Realistic horse mask

Tweetthis is so well made its creepy okay its VERY creepy

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When I’m not lurking

Tweet Some days the internet sucks, and it gets so bad sonetimes I start raging, but today I’m making this post using my phone. So this is what happens when my internet is off.

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iPad head girl

Tweetoh great, now Apple is ruining women… seriously what’s the point of this ?

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Tweeti will never eat tongue again, EVER i will never lick stuff either >_<

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Weird Haircut

Tweetso what do you call this haircut? 

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Weird thing found in a pub

Tweetjust like the title says, it is indeed weird keep your mouse on the big red button, u will feel the need to click it halfway through the video

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Mah Nà Mah Nà

Tweetthis video is made to make u feel weird, so go ahead, watch it. feel weird Tune for Two (2011) from alfa primo on Vimeo.

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