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Epic Janitor doing Broom Tricks

Tweetwell actually he’s not a janitor but he has Amazing broom skills.   reminds me of StarWars kid, but level 80 😛

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Amazing 80’s Skills [UPDATE]

Tweetthis guy with his 80’s mustache and his 80’s hair is awesome i know someone that whistles like that, but not as good obviously UPDATE: this guy is a Terrible Singer though Annoying, and let’s not forget the Dubstep version..

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Quantum Levitation

TweetI have nothing to say about this video wow, for more info. check  [Q.Levitation and ASTC ] thanks [B&P]

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Car Jumps Rope

TweetYou have definitely seen kids do Jump rope before, you probably even did it yourself, and you probably seen animals jump rope too, bu have you ever seen a Car jump rope before?   Sure you have, and you’re welcome

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Russian Bike Band

TweetI’ve always wanted to buy a bike, but this video made me want to start a band too!   My dream has been upgraded, so who’s in ? note: i will drive 😀

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I’m a Bird!


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