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Evolution of Corprate Logos


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TIZEN – Samsung/Intel OS

Tweet   this is not really news, information on this OS has been floating around the internet for months now (and most sources here are from 2011), but I decided to look at this OS that is a probable threat to

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Google Glasses Concept, and Parodies.

TweetThis is the latest Google thing online a Few days ago the following video went viral   its a nice concept idea from Google, but then many parodies started appearing, like Google Ads:   And Windows Glasses for augmented reality:

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Kinect Treatment of Windows 7

TweetDo you remember the movie “Minority Report” ? now watch this video 🙂 I’m so gonna buy it 🙂 Source

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Windows Phone 7 Release

Tweet Windows phone 7 is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft and promised to be the third Party next the recent mobile operating systems Apple iOS and Google Android. As for the release, Microsoft is planning for releasing the Windows phone 7 in

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