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YouTube Rewind 2013

Tweet2013 is almost over, so Youtube celebrates all the popular videos, music and viral content in this one crazy mash-up.     I loved all the YouTube Celebrities here, like Jenna Marbles, Mystery Guitar man, Epic Meal Time, Glozell, Laina,

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I have much respect for this girl

Tweetwatch this and tell me you don’t LOVE that girl.  

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Youtube Special: News Interview Remix

Tweetone of my favorite aspects of Youtube is the existence of creative remixes of all kinds of things, almost everything has a dubstep remix, a metal remix and an autotune remix, right now I would like to focus on a specific

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…At the YouTube complaint departement

Tweetthis is an epic video by “Barely Political” i love the idea its very funny and cool and it also features famous YouTube people.   I love it especially because i use YouTube a lot. [Source]

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YouTube Series – Baman Piderman

Tweet this is a Cartoon series on YouTube that has cute Batman and Spiderman, they’re best friends and random things happen when Batman Comes over. the show is one season and season two recently started, you can find them [HERE].

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YouTube Series – Usavich

Tweetfrom Wikipedia: this is a series of animated short films originally created for MTV’s Japanese mobile service “Flux” and still being created for MTV Japan by Satoshi Tomioka and his studio Kanaban Graphics since 2006. It is about an odd pair of rabbits imprisoned in a Soviet prison.   this is

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YouTube Series – Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show

TweetGTCMS is a Very Silly YouTube series by “Mediocre Films”. its slapstick comedy that pokes at Japanese game shows and talk shows. it ran for two seasons in 2007 and 2008, so its a bit old. here’s the first episode: and the second episode:

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Youtube Haul Videos

TweetApparently this is a current trend on YouTube, it’s kind of like the Trend of Unboxing, or the Reviewing stuff, but as usual some people over do it  

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Number 1 on youtube

TweetI know most of you know this guy but it amazes me how 2 years ago most sub’d on youtube was a very lame guy called fred and he didn’t even have a million subscribers then nigahiga took over now

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Karma payback

Tweetguess the guy cheated and karma payed him back :p

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It’s so hard to wear it!

Tweetyea apparently being payed Millions makes you so confused that you forget how to put on a training shirt.

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fastest goal evar?

Tweet i guess it is 😮

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TweetPoor guy didn’t see it coming

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talented kid

Tweetnow I honestly know most of you are gonna hate on this considering its “rap” and most are gonna call bs that its his actual lyrics but i find this to be decent enough to actually post and show you

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How to be famous on youtube! (nsfw i guess..)

TweetThis video is soooo trueee, I mean i actually enjoy RWJ stuff but all the other people he mentioned suck soooo much =/ and seriously vlogging is destroying youtube and its just used to milk some moneyzzzz. Why the hell

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Youtubers that make my blood boil!!

Tweet Youtube is an awesome place to lurk, i obviously spend a lot of time watching youtube video, not to mention watching videos other people post in their blogs, or the videos from my lurker friendz here at welurk. BUT

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Starfish Hitler

TweetThe greatest villain ever. P.S: Japanese are awesome

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Short & Sweet EDIT: 2 videos added.

TweetHow an action scene should be like, some directors these days could take a hint or two. This is awesome because Portal is awesome: One more (all three are by the same guy, obviously):

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Video of the Week

Tweetthis video is about a bunch of birds flying together, it has more to it than that, Skip to 3 minutes. wow

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