YouTube Rewind 2013

2013 is almost over, so Youtube celebrates all the popular videos, music and viral content in this one crazy mash-up.



I loved all the YouTube Celebrities here, like Jenna Marbles, Mystery Guitar man, Epic Meal Time, Glozell, Laina, Alex Day and Many other amazing people.

I love YouTube and I spend a lot of time watching, so this yearly YouTube tradition is really awesome.

check out the playlists:

Top Trending Viral Videos

Top Trending Music Videos


Here’s to 2014 YouTube videos, Viral content and memes :D

Youtube Special: News Interview Remix

one of my favorite aspects of Youtube is the existence of creative remixes of all kinds of things, almost everything has a dubstep remix, a metal remix and an autotune remix, right now I would like to focus on a specific type of remixes on Youtube, Remixed News reports/interviews, because people on the news are weird and they catch the attention of the internet, some go wildly viral and end up with millions of views, here I will be sharing some of my favorites:

1) Antoine Dodson :

The Remix


The Original [Link]

the most famous and popular of this type of video is the “Hide yo kids, Hide yo Wife” guy Antoine Dodson, the words were remixed into a song and it got him famous and I think he made enough money to buy a house in L.A. and he made live performances (like at the webbys awards ceremony).


2) Jacob Isom

The Remix


The Original [Link]

Jacob Isom is a 20 something skater guy, he saved a copy of the holy Quran from being burnt in an angry protest in a public park in Amarillo Texas.

Anyway this guy is a hero for taking away a Quran from being burnt, and the Internet made a remix of jacob Isom when he was on the news for being a man of honor and showing respect to all religions.


3) Diana from Kansas

The Remix [Long version here]


The original [Link]

this lady was in a grocery store when it was robbed, she’s very eccentric and describes what happened and how her “daddy” taught her good.

check this post I made a long time ago on her, including more remixes [Link]


4) Sweet Brown

The Remix & Original in one Video:


for only the remix click Here

sweet brown is one of the most recent meme on this list, she’s a middle aged (I think ) woman who was in a fire, her accent and facial expression was what makes this remix so great, her song along with Jacob Isom’s often get stuck on my mind for hours and hours hehehe.




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YouTube Series – Baman Piderman

this is a Cartoon series on YouTube that

has cute Batman and Spiderman,

they’re best friends and random things happen when Batman Comes over.

the show is one season and season two recently started,

you can find them [HERE].

the show is very silly and the Art is interesting

none of the characters move in a realistic ways,

neither is there any logic in the storyline,

its just hilarious,

here are the first few Episodes:

Episode #1


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YouTube Series – Usavich

from Wikipedia:

this is a series of animated short films

originally created for MTV’s Japanese mobile service “Flux”

and still being created for MTV Japan by Satoshi Tomioka

and his studio Kanaban Graphics since 2006.

It is about an odd pair of rabbits imprisoned in a Soviet prison.


this is a Video with the whole first Season:

there are four seasons in total,

i find the Animation style to be very strange and attractive.

and the comedy is Japanese style.


  • if you have a YouTube show to suggest to be posted here, leave it in the Comments section :P

YouTube Series – Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show

GTCMS is a Very Silly YouTube series by “Mediocre Films”.

its slapstick comedy that pokes at Japanese game shows and talk shows.

it ran for two seasons in 2007 and 2008, so its a bit old.

here’s the first episode:

and the second episode:

My favorite parts is the “wheel of fun” and the “Party time”

the guests are also amusing and my favorite character is “Uni-Cow”

he is introduced on the second episode and is played by comedian Payman Benz.

click [Here] for the entire episodes list,

Enjoy :p

Number 1 on youtube

I know most of you know this guy but it amazes me how 2 years ago most sub’d on youtube was a very lame guy called fred and he didn’t even have a million subscribers then nigahiga took over now its RWJ with over 3.9m, i personally like his stuff but i know a couple of people here don’t :p

talented kid

now I honestly know most of you are gonna hate on this considering its “rap” and most are gonna call bs that its his actual lyrics but i find this to be decent enough to actually post and show you this guys talent, good lyrics in a way for a 7year old shows he has huge potential watch his vids.. i picked this cause he talks about who he is but he has many cooler vids that you should check if you like what you see

How to be famous on youtube! (nsfw i guess..)

This video is soooo trueee, I mean i actually enjoy RWJ stuff but all the other people he mentioned suck soooo much =/ and seriously vlogging is destroying youtube and its just used to milk some moneyzzzz. Why the hell would someone have 3 channels, or why the hell would someone post a vid everyday about their every day life and show it the world. /endrant

Youtubers that make my blood boil!!

Youtube is an awesome place to lurk, i obviously spend a lot of time watching youtube video, not to mention watching videos other people post in their blogs, or the videos from my lurker friendz here at welurk. BUT there are some youtubers (Def.: someone of the youtube community) that piss me off, i have to warn you, its not a complete list:

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